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Contenuto della pagina

Guide to the Site

The internet site of the Italian Online Commodities Exchange was set up with the following principles in mind:

  • Setting up a portal easy to consult, usable and dynamic. The site structure has been modelled on a very simplified navigation plan which in addition to the homepage return command also gives five distinct items in the main menu (buttons located horizontally on the navigation bar at the top) corresponding to the most important areas, a menu in the left column area, a few rapid access boxes in the right column and especially a navigation pathway highlighted with the text "You are in..".
  • Pursuance of the Stanca Law, which relates to public bodies to make sure their informative platforms obey the widely-recognised principles of usability and accessibility;
  • Realisation of a single portal which enables access to subsites of the three organs which together constitute the Italian Online Commodities Exchange: the Management Company, the National Deputation and the Chambers of Commerce;
  • Setting up a multilingual platform. 

There follows a brief description of the five items in the main menu.


About us
The Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana, instituted  in accordance with Ministerial Decree 174/06 and following amendment, is the online market for agricultural, agro-emergetic, agri-food, fish products and of logistics services. The general aim of the BMTI is to provide market operators with an online platform which enables daily and continuous management of negotiations from remote locations. The Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana is a regulated and novel tool aimed at facilitating matching  sales and buying offers and offering efficiency, transparency and rationality in the market place.  

The Online Market
The Italian Online Commodities Exchange manages the online platform for dealing in agricultural, agro-energetic, agri-food, fish products and for logistics services. The online system was set up with the aim of matching demand and supply of a product via a continuous auction mechanism of the one-to-many type, which also reflected market dynamics and enabled prices to be settled in real-time. Online markets are disciplined by Product Special Regulations, predisposed and adopted according to the indications of the the Committees of the Supply Chain  and the National Deputation, and the General Dispositions for dealing on BMTI.

Market analysis and prices
This section of the site gives access to BMTI's products with the aim of providing information and analysis on markets (online and not), and promoting a new culture of price transparency.
As well as access services to the online platform and information on the markets (prices, reports, analyses and product studies), BMTI provides accredited operators with accessory online dealing services.

The communication area informs market operators, Chambers of Commerce and media on the main activities of the Italian Online Commodities Exchange. The area is articulated in four sections:  Events, Press Releases, Newsletters, Press Clippings, Video.
Register to the market
In this section of the website you can find the registration procedures to access the online trading system. You can register in the Italian Online Commodities Exchange as Intermediary Agent or as Accredited Operator. The Intermediary Agent (in Italian Soggetto Abilitato all'Intermediazione - SAI) is a new professional figure in the Italian agricultural sector, created by Law Decree n°174 drawn up on April 6th 2006 (and following amendment) by the Ministry of Agriculture. The SAI performs intermediation functions related to the online trading on BMTI and, in this context, he has a special and direct access to the online trading platform. Regarding the figure of Professional Operator, all professionals of the agriculture, agro-energetic, agri-food, fish and logistics services sectors, duly registered in the companies registry, can apply for accreditation to the Italian Online Commodities Exchange (BMTI) and access the online trading system, through the SAI. Throughout a market display window, the operators can check the proposals added to the trading platform, monitor the progress of their market operations and manage their relationship with the Intermediary Agents (SAIs).

Menu di sezione

Enter in the Market
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