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Register to the market


Access to the online trading platform is reserved to Intermediary Agents (in Italian Soggetto Abilitato all'Intermediazione - SAI). The Intermediary Agent (SAI) is a completely new professional figure in the Italian agricultural sector and was created by the Ministry of Agriculture Policies with Law Decree 174 on April 6th 2006 and following amendment. The task of the Intermediary Agent (SAI) is to collect and manage his own telematic orders or the ones of the professional operators, fulfilling the important function of "collector" of the proposals in the market.

All the professional operators of the agricultural, agri-food and fist sector may apply for accreditation and access the online trading system of BMTI through the Intermediary Agents (SAI). Through a market display window, the accredited operators can view the markets of his interest, manage the relationship with the Intermediary Agent (SAI) and constantly check their market operations.


The following can become Intermediary Agents (SAI):

The following can become Accredited Operators:

  • Intermediaries agents of the agricultural, agro-energetic, agri-food, fish and logistics services sector
  • Commercial agents and representatives of the agricultural, agro-energetic, agri-food,fish and logistics services sector
  • The capital based companies mainly made up of subjects which operate in the agriculture, agro-energetic, agri-food, fish and logistics services sectors
  • Cooperative companies and their consortia, which operate in the agricultural, agro-energetic, agri-food, fish and logistics services sector
  • Organizations of agricultural producers, under art. 2 e 5, Legislative Decree 27th May 2005, n. 102  
  • Producers, traders and food processors of the agricultural, agro-energetic, agri-food and fish sector
  • Agricultural producers organizations (as referred in art.2 and 5 of Legislative Decree 102 of 27th May 2005)
  • Cooperatives and their consortia from the agricultural, agro-energetic, agri-food and fish supply chain
  • Users, including large retailers, operating in the agricultural, agro-energetic, agri-food and fish sector
  • Associations that manage agricultural, agro-aenergetic, agri-food and fish products
  • Operators of the fish sector
  • Service providers

There are two ways to become an Intermediary Agent (SAI):

BASIC PACKAGE (see details)

The "Basic package" is a free way to access the BMTI.


PLUS PACKAGE (see details)

With the "Plus Package" the SAI can have a series of additional services.

The accreditation to BMTI is completely FREE.

For all those Accredited Operators who want to enhance their professional activity it is possible to have a special service called "Display Window". You may subscribe to the service by filling out the request form (see details) and supporting the cost of an annual fee of 98€ + VAT.



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