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Market analysis and prices

In this section of the website you can access BMTIs tools to both broadcast information and market analysis (online and not) and promote a culture of price transparency.

Go to Exchange results.

Exchange results: BMTI produces monthly analytical documents of the online dealing. The exchange results are presented by contract number, quantity and value. There are also included focuses per market type and territorial area.
Go to the Exchange results

Go to BMTI prices.

BMTI prices: BMTI produces a weekly price list which includes all the prices generate on the online exchange. The prices are calculated from the average of the quantities traded per product, local market (on a province basis) and delivery modes.
Go to BMTI prices

Go to Chambers of Commerce prices.

Chambers of Commerce prices: BMTI has created a single database in which all prices published by the Chambers of Commerce in their own price lists are included. The Chambers of Commerces' prices, which are comparable using the Homogeneous Lists, are used by BMTI for an ad hoc market analysis and are also available in the Prices Area page.
Go to Chambers of Commerce prices

Go to Market analyses.

Market analyses: BMTI publishes monthly market analyses in which are reported: the online dealing data, the Chambers of Commerce prices, and the news and notices that BMTI market managers collect directly from the dealers.
Go to Market analyses




Go to Market analyses.

Made in Italy: Unioncamere and BMTI provide a number of informative documents on #MadeinItaly, where the trend of the wholesale price of the agriculture and food products detected by the Chambers of Commerce are analysed, in particular the Products with Denominations of Origin (PDO) and the Products with Geographical Identities (PGI). 
Go to Made in Italy


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