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Market Guide

The online system managed by the BMTI (Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana - the Italian Online Commodities Exchange) was created to make meet buying and selling offers of agricultural, agri-food and fish products, through a continuous auction mechanism which reflects the dynamics of the market and determines prices in real time.
This auction mechanism allows the execution of online contracts between vying parties which are compatible in terms of:

  • price;
  • quantity (equal to or multiples of the minimum negotiable batch);
  • delivery methods ("franco arrivo" - ex works, "franco partenza" - carriage paid).

A "one - to many" approach is adopted for auction. With this system the dealer making a market offer can set up a negotiation with a theoretically unlimited number of counter-parties.
During the negotiating stage, the parties may intervene on the price of their offers only in order to improve them; i.e. only in such a way as to make their offer or request more advantageous for the potential counter-parties, though retaining their right to cancel the offer at any time.

The first counter-offer matching the price of the main offer wins the auction for the whole amount offered or for a portion of it (in the latter case, the auction proceeds by shifting the residual quantity).

Contracts concluded in the online system make up the prices of the Italian Online Commodities Exchange.


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